Membership News
     The Florida Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Greetings to all our FSCH members and friends.  Here is a list of our new members during the past year.  We are so pleased that you have joined us!

  • Thomas Boyle
  • Alicia Cherrybon, LCSW
  • Aaron Donde,Psy.D.
  • Marion C. Huey, LMHC
  • Guy C. Jeanty, Ph.D.

Please remember to invite others to join FSCH!  You'll get $25 off your next workshop if you have been instrumental in helping someone join and you notify us about it.  See you all again at the next workshop.

 Martin Nathan, LMHC, LCPC

  • Caitlin Labrador, LCSW
  • Susan F. Lee, LCSW
  • Benjamin Lord, Ph.D.
  • Luis A. Otero, M.S.
  • Margaret Turmel, ARNP

Contact us:  305-598-9992,  Our mailing address: 13705 SW 91 CT, #C, Miami, FL 33176